The VanDrie Group welcomes trade agreement with Japan

EU agreement with Japan provides opportunities for veal sales.

The trade agreement that the European Union (EU) agreed this week with Japan provides opportunities for the marketing of Dutch veal. The extensive trade agreement regulates, among other things, that the high import taxes of 38.5% will be reduced to 9%.  The VanDrie Group, world leader in veal, (calf)feed and calfskins, regards the trade agreement as a significant opportunity to strengthen its position in Asia.  Henny Swinkels, Director Corporate Affairs: "The negotiations between the EU and Japan started in 2012. Japan opened the market to Dutch veal in 2013. However, our export was hampered by the high import tariffs. Thanks to the trade agreement, that obstacle has been removed." He continued: "We owe a big ‘thank you’ to Phil Hogan (European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development) and his team. They defended the interests of our sector during the negotiations. A strong Europe in which entrepreneurship is supported is vital to the Dutch veal sector that exports globally. I welcome the EU’s support. This is necessary for increasing the marketing opportunities for veal." The VanDrie Group expects the trade agreement not only to lead to extra outlets in Japan, but also that it will have an effect on other Asian countries.  Swinkels: "The trade agreement with Japan expresses confidence. Our quality product is valued. We expect that confidence to be catching, and that other Asian countries will sign up to the agreement. In that respect, we are focusing specifically on China. It is not yet possible at the moment for us to put our products on the Chinese market. We regard the agreement as an opportunity to strengthen our position in Asia. We are working hard together with the EU and our Dutch government."

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